Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Back to School Haul

Heyya Guys! So Blogust is over and finished which only means one thing... I'm back to normal blogging!! So welcome!
I know a lot of you are going to be a bit new to my normal blogging because I've been doing daily blogging for a month now. This is how I usually blog so I hope you like it! I have a lot of exciting blog posts coming up over the next month (I've pre-planned so check me out :P) so stick around and enjoy my little space in the wide world web.

As school is fast approaching for me (officially starting on Thursday) and I have brought a few things, I thought I would write up a little haul blog post for you all. It's going to include bits of stationary that I brought and the odd few things I have brought for the boarding house and to carry me things around in.

{1} Eco Kraft A5 Notebook from Paperchase
The original aim when I went shopping for all this stuff was to buy four brown covered and ringed notebooks for notes from all four subjects. I will be getting folders when I start my lessons but I wanted to have something before so that I can write down notes that I've got from my subject reading lists etc. Sadly, no stationary shops produce cheapish, brown, ring binded notebooks with lines so I had to stick to this one from Paperchase. The good thing about it is it's sectioned four times by coloured edged paper. This is handy considering I will be doing four subjects. The lined pages inside are also rather organic looking which I LOVE.

{2} Post-it Sitcky notes and tabs from Asda
You all do it. The 'lets go to the local supermarket and see what cheap stationary there is'. I did it and that's why I ended up with these two purchases. I though I'd team them up as they are pretty similar and by the same company. I got the sticky notes in a pack of three in an aqua-like blue, rather bright lime green and a bright corally pink. I've never liked the boring yellow ones that everywhere sells but I love this set because it's bright, colourful and certainly stands out. That's all I can ask for from some sticky notes. The tabs i brought for annotating and marking books and especially with my summer reading list, they were perfect. There's several variety of tab on this set so it gives me a bit of variety and options. As I'm the kind of person who changes their minds quickly, its perfect.

{3} Mini Desk Stationary Set from Ikea
Stationary sets are probably one of the most important thing for a student to have. This set contains a small staple gun, small sellotape dispenser and a small sharpener. This set is such a cute and cool colour which is works with a lot of things which is brilliant for such a staple set. These three mini tools will be living in my boarding house on my desk.

{4} Ocean Breeze High Fragrance Reed Diffuser from TK Maxx
This was an alternative buy to a scented candle as they are not allowed in house. It smells lovely and I really need something to add a little fragrance to my dorm room and a chilled environment. Me and my friend planned to place this on our window sill to add a bit of decoration. We used to have a lot of these in my house but we never topped them up so they just finished.

{5} Eco Kraft Pencil Pot and Pins from Paperchase
Again, more desk and room decorations. Each desk in the boarding house has a pin board above it so the pins were kind of a necessary buy for both me and my friend. The pencil pot is again key for storage for coloured pencils for my art and just normal pens.

{6} A Kraft Stationary box and A Kraft Multi storage box from Paperchase
These are simply storage boxes for random stuff such as bits of paper and random different beauty stuff. They match my notebook and pencil holder and therefore, have the ability to be decorated similarly if I wish. I have a habit of hauling random stuff so these would be perfect for hiding that stuff away.

{7} Boarding House Tuck from Poundland
My boarding house tuck includes:
-Two packets of Haribo's (although one of them is particularly finished)
-Two boxes of Belvita breakfast biscuits, Honey and Milk
-One box of loads of Jaffa Cakes
-One packet of lolly pops
Food is really important for me because I get snacky when I'm working, which I know its bad but it keeps me going. This was important for my working environment and therefore, for me to have it in boarding house because I'll be doing majority of my school work.

{8} Cloud and Hot air balloon purse from Primark
I've had a beige purse for a number of years so I thought with a new school, I should get a new purse. I saw this amazing blue purse with a hot air balloon and clouds and black writing on made me really happy and I feel in love with it. That, therefore, made me buy it. End of story. :P

{9} Black Leather Handbag from Primark
I needed a good, big bag that would fit everything but the kitchen sink in so it took a while searching but after a stop in several shops, I made my way to Primark where I found a black leather bag with open middle pocket and two side zipped pockets. It also has two small pockets inside the middle one and contains two versions of straps; a shoulder strap and two arm ones. I love it so much.

So that's my first blog post since Blogust! I hope you enjoyed it! Tell me about what you have brought and loved for school in the comments!
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x

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