Thursday, 26 June 2014

Youtuber Review: Mr Ben Brown!

Popular youtube daily vlogger, online shop owner, professional filmmaker and kayaker, Ben Brown has managed to build a substantial audience in nearly two years. His promotion of positive vibes make his videos a brilliant watch.

His daily vlogs started out back in November 2012 with a professional flatwater marathon kayaker lifestyle. Filmed on his go-pro camera, it gave it a very relaxed feel and generated a physical connection with his life. This kind of style is still very evident in his vlogs now. He's not afraid to take adventures and film everything making the vlogs often action and fun packed.

Although starting out his vlogs as a kayaker, his training has massively died down due to him taking chances that are up and coming. He has filmed several races and long distance races in his kayak such as the berg river marathon in South Africa.

He regularly films with his good friends Louis Cole (funforlouis) and Steve Brooker (a men's fashion blogger) so expect them to pop up regularly whether for coffee stops at Giro or spontaneous trips to Central London.
Bens girlfriend, nicole, lives in South Africa and therefore only tends to appear for a long period of time when Ben is in South Africa or Nicole in London.

His family dog Alfie.

A typical ben brown Instagram shot

A classic item that is often available in ben browns online shop.

-online store:

Holly x

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer goals 2014!

Heyya my dears! So I have finally finished my last exam and therefore summer has arrived. Having such a long holiday, I thought I'd be productive and create a list of things I want to complete over the summer...

{1} get my fitness up
After being ill for so long, my fitness has seriously decreased. I need to bring up my fitness so that I can start to do more stuff that can be physically demanding. Whether this be through runs, going to the gym or starting regular exercise again, I think it will also help my body stay healthy.

{2} Get back into reading
Over the past year, my desire to read has seriously decreased and I really think I'm starting to miss out on some amazing books such as the Divergent series. I also have a series of books that I need to read for my AS levels next year so starting to get used to reading again should help me get through the long list quickly.

{3} Enjoy myself and relax 
The past couple of months have been extremely stressful with illness and exams so some time to relax is well needed not only for my mind but for my body especially it still needs to fully recover. Also, at the end of the day, summer is a holiday and time to just chill anyway.

{4} Sort out my bedroom
After moving into my house about a year ago, my room has been a bit of a mess with no desk and little storage space. A trip to ikea to buy a desk, double bed and bookcase is certainly needed to neaten it up. When it's sorted, I might even do a little room tour through photos and text.

{5} Get organised for next year
In September, I will be starting at my new college for sixth form and being such an important few years, organisation is key. This includes shopping for the new 'work wear' uniform and stationery for lessons.

So those are my main aims for the summer. What are your aims? What are you hoping to complete? Let me know.
Holly x

Monday, 9 June 2014

One Direction Where We Are Tour {Wembley Stadium June 7th}

Heyya my dears! So on Saturday I went into London to see One Direction at Wembley Stadium for their Where We Are Tour 2014! It was quite an experience and great fun! Here's some photos from the day...

How the stadium looked when we arrived which was a good 2 hours before the actual concert started.

Starting to fill up

Excitement building

During the concert

highly enjoyed the concert and I would recommend anyone who has a chance to see them live to take that opportunity.
See ya soon,
Holly x

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Trip to Amsterdam in pictures {December 2013/January 2014}

Heyya my dears! So back in December I went on a relaxing trip to Holland for New Year with the family. We stayed at my boyfriends family home while they were away in Tanzania. Here's my trip in pictures.....

View from house I was staying in. It was a typical residential street about half an hours drive from Amsterdam. We were staying in The Hague.

The bedroom that I was staying in. I loved this room as it was absolutely stunning and homely.

A couple of arty photos that I took while wondering through the streets of Amsterdam. The whole of Amsterdam is so beautiful and unique.

The day after visiting Amsterdam, I went to a museum which included a lot of art work. I took some photos of some of the best pieces.

On the final day when driving to the channel tunnel, I took a few photos from the journey.

Sorry there's my short trip in photos! I hope you enjoyed to brief post! 
Where have you travelled to? Where would you like to travel to? Comment below and let me know! 
Holly x

My bucket list so far!

Heyya my dears! So I'm back and I thought that I'd write about the kinda things I want to do before I die (which I hope I am a long time off just yet ;)) to start off with, I'm gunna list 5 things but it could expand over time! 
Better get started then....

{1} Complete the Devizes to Westminster Canoe race.
This race involves 125 miles of kayaking from Devizes, Wiltshire to Westminster, London. I have wanted to complete this race for a long time as I have grown up with the race every Easter weekend of my life. This year was the first year that I would have been old enough to compete but because of illness, I wasn't able to start. Hopefully next year will be my year!

{2} Live or stay in Australia.
I'm not sure why but for quite a few years I have generated quite a fascination with Australia. The country seems incredible and it would be such an amazing experience to stay somewhere which is such a contrast to England. I also like the idea of working as a teacher there also for about a year.

{3} Travel to countries outside Europe and experience the world.
This is a big thing I want to do especially as I have currently never travelled outside of Europe. There are so many experiences out there that could maybe change my life and I would love to experience them.

{4} Win the devizes to Westminster canoe race in either mixed crew category or ladies category (either junior or senior).
This is a big aim for me and I would love to fulfil it either on my first go or another go after.

{5} Spend some time teaching in LEDC countries.
I feel that it's important to spend some time helping out others and I feel that teaching less fortunate childern so they might be able to get a decent job in the future. This is a big thing for me.

So that's by bucket list so far! Hope you enjoyed it! 
What's on your bucket list? Comment below and let me know.
Holly x