Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Trip to Amsterdam in pictures {December 2013/January 2014}

Heyya my dears! So back in December I went on a relaxing trip to Holland for New Year with the family. We stayed at my boyfriends family home while they were away in Tanzania. Here's my trip in pictures.....

View from house I was staying in. It was a typical residential street about half an hours drive from Amsterdam. We were staying in The Hague.

The bedroom that I was staying in. I loved this room as it was absolutely stunning and homely.

A couple of arty photos that I took while wondering through the streets of Amsterdam. The whole of Amsterdam is so beautiful and unique.

The day after visiting Amsterdam, I went to a museum which included a lot of art work. I took some photos of some of the best pieces.

On the final day when driving to the channel tunnel, I took a few photos from the journey.

Sorry there's my short trip in photos! I hope you enjoyed to brief post! 
Where have you travelled to? Where would you like to travel to? Comment below and let me know! 
Holly x

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