Thursday, 26 June 2014

Youtuber Review: Mr Ben Brown!

Popular youtube daily vlogger, online shop owner, professional filmmaker and kayaker, Ben Brown has managed to build a substantial audience in nearly two years. His promotion of positive vibes make his videos a brilliant watch.

His daily vlogs started out back in November 2012 with a professional flatwater marathon kayaker lifestyle. Filmed on his go-pro camera, it gave it a very relaxed feel and generated a physical connection with his life. This kind of style is still very evident in his vlogs now. He's not afraid to take adventures and film everything making the vlogs often action and fun packed.

Although starting out his vlogs as a kayaker, his training has massively died down due to him taking chances that are up and coming. He has filmed several races and long distance races in his kayak such as the berg river marathon in South Africa.

He regularly films with his good friends Louis Cole (funforlouis) and Steve Brooker (a men's fashion blogger) so expect them to pop up regularly whether for coffee stops at Giro or spontaneous trips to Central London.
Bens girlfriend, nicole, lives in South Africa and therefore only tends to appear for a long period of time when Ben is in South Africa or Nicole in London.

His family dog Alfie.

A typical ben brown Instagram shot

A classic item that is often available in ben browns online shop.

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