Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My bucket list so far!

Heyya my dears! So I'm back and I thought that I'd write about the kinda things I want to do before I die (which I hope I am a long time off just yet ;)) to start off with, I'm gunna list 5 things but it could expand over time! 
Better get started then....

{1} Complete the Devizes to Westminster Canoe race.
This race involves 125 miles of kayaking from Devizes, Wiltshire to Westminster, London. I have wanted to complete this race for a long time as I have grown up with the race every Easter weekend of my life. This year was the first year that I would have been old enough to compete but because of illness, I wasn't able to start. Hopefully next year will be my year!

{2} Live or stay in Australia.
I'm not sure why but for quite a few years I have generated quite a fascination with Australia. The country seems incredible and it would be such an amazing experience to stay somewhere which is such a contrast to England. I also like the idea of working as a teacher there also for about a year.

{3} Travel to countries outside Europe and experience the world.
This is a big thing I want to do especially as I have currently never travelled outside of Europe. There are so many experiences out there that could maybe change my life and I would love to experience them.

{4} Win the devizes to Westminster canoe race in either mixed crew category or ladies category (either junior or senior).
This is a big aim for me and I would love to fulfil it either on my first go or another go after.

{5} Spend some time teaching in LEDC countries.
I feel that it's important to spend some time helping out others and I feel that teaching less fortunate childern so they might be able to get a decent job in the future. This is a big thing for me.

So that's by bucket list so far! Hope you enjoyed it! 
What's on your bucket list? Comment below and let me know.
Holly x

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