Friday, 23 May 2014

How to: prepare for exams!

Heyya my dears! So it's that time of year again when many of us 'youth' are studying for a variety of exams to attempt to further our education and maybe make us slightly brainer. 
As this season tends to generate a whole lot of stress, I thought I'd try to make it easier and give you some information on how I'm preparing for my exams. Although I'm not perfect, I feel like some information could help people who may be struggling. 
Here's some of my tips and techniques:

1) Use folders to organise your subjects and revision notes.
It may seem basic but being organised can help reduce your stress levels. Having individual coloured folders for each subject means that you can identify the right one without much thought. 
Within these folders, you can also seperate individual subject topics with topic divider like pastic versions (staples provided cheap ones in packs of five or ten) or hand-made ones using paper, card, and coloured pens. Having seperate dividers means access to notes is a lot more efficient especially when you have a strict revision schedule to stick to.

2) Highlight revision notes the day before.
By highlighting or going over the notes you have already made before the exam, you are more likely to be refreshed for those topics. This will also make you more confident before the exam and mean you are not stressing or worrying. 

3) Use colours to make brain storms on subjects.
Doing brain storms on certain topics are brilliant quick revision ways that can help you remember key terms and facts needed in the exams but by using colours as well will help you to remember more.
It is a proven fact that colour helps your brain remember information that it might not have been able to take on. This use of colour will help your memory remember more.

4) Take time to relax! 
It may seem silly but a good bath with bubbles, music and scented candles can go a long way during exam season. Make time to chill.

So that's my main tips and techniques to help prepare for those dread exams. Hope it helps some of you.

Holly x

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