Thursday, 22 May 2014

About Inky Quill and Paper!

Heya my dears! So this is my first post on this snazzy new blog thing that I have decided to get going. Being all new and that, I thought that those interested in who Inky Quill and Paper is will want to know a few things. I wasn't too sure on what the best way to introduce myself so I did a little research on the interweb and discovered a variety of wonders including things like 'facts about me' and 'essay about me'. Thought the best idea was do a couple of facts and see how it went. Okay, I should probably get going so I don't bore you to pieces.


Fact número 1:
I live in the wonderful sunny country of England in the United Kingdom. 

Fact número 2:
I'm at the ripe old age of sixteen and going through a lovely time called GCSE exams.

Fact número 3:
I am a casual flatwater kayaker. I tend to train twice a week over marathon distances for those deeply interested.

Fact número 4: 
I am currently using my snazzy phone to write this blog. #keepingitbasic 

Fact número 5:
I have a huge dislike for tea and coffee. Tea is too plain. Coffee is too bitter. Please don't hate me.

Fact número 6:
I live in a school and have been living here all my life. This is because my dad is a teacher at the school and the house is available with the job.

Fact número 7:
I was recently rather seriously ill and ended up spending roughly eight days in hospital. I will be having a number of investigations and a operation mid July to hopefully get everything sorted for the future.

(By this point I was starting to run out of facts which shows how exciting my life really is)

Fact número 8:
I have never been outside Europe. The furthest I've travel is to Iceland. Very snazzy place if I may say so.

Fact número 9:
My favourite book series of all time would have to be Harry Potter. It's a legend of a book series.

Fact número 10:
I have an addiction to youtubers. My major addiction would have to be for the lovely Mr Ben Brown. He's a brilliant daily vlogger who promotes positive vibes. Definitely worth the watch if you haven't already.

So that's all the facts about me that I can think of without making this blogpost seem extreme boring and becoming extremely long winded. 
Thanks for giving it a read anyway. If you read all of it, I love you. If you didn't, go on scroll back up.

Lots of love, 
Holly x

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