Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dealing with Break-ups

Hey guys! The past couple of weeks have been a tough one for me for a lot of reasons. One still being college work but also that fact that me and my boyfriend broke up just under two weeks ago. It's been a tough slog for me especially as I still almost always see him every day due us being at the same college. It was on equal terms to begin with but things have changed and it's started to become quite a negative atmosphere when we are near each other. I'm not an expert on break-up's (as you can probably tell) but I thought it might help me to whip up a little post about dealing with break-ups for you and me. I hope you enjoy!

{1} Don't dwell on the past! Pick yourself up and attempt to move on!
I've been trying to really do this week and trying to pick out bad faults in my ex-boyfriend to make the process slightly easier. It's been hard as sometimes when I see him, I end up back tracking but focus on someone else without actually trying to be with them and sometimes the process will be easier.

{2} Live in the moment! Don't let the break-up hold you back!
Again, I've been struggling to do this but I really managed to this Thursday night when my college had a halloweon social for the six form. I went for it and almost completely forgot about him. This resulted in what was a really good night. Plus you never know what can happen as a result of you looking like you are enjoying yourself.

{3} Try to stop your friends from getting involved. Sometimes they can make it worse than it really is.
My friends are absolutely lovely but because they are my friends, they hated to see me upset over a boy and therefore took action themselves and actually confronted him. This isn't really the best thing to do because if anything, it made the situation worse. Try to stop your friends for sticking up for you because in reality, you can stick up for yourself.

{4} Don't do rebounds.
If anything, they will make you feel worse than you did before. You can focus on someone else but leave it for a while before you try to get with someone else. I have to keep reminding myself of this point quite a lot. It's so easy to try and get with someone but it's so important you focus on time for your self more than anything.

{5} Don't obey the urges.
It seem logical to get rid of everything that could possibly rid you of him because sometime in the future you might regret. Maybe you'll get back together and want those things again. Maybe you'll reflect back on the relationship in a month or so time with happy thoughts. Don't let the original anger make decisions for you.

I know break-ups are bad. I'm struggling and I will be for a while still but don't let it ruin your life for a month or more. Boys aren't worth it.
I hope you enjoyed my little post. It's now half term at my college for two weeks so I will be able to blog a lot more than I have been the past couple of weeks. I've really missed blogging regulating and hearing from you guys so I can't wait to have the time to do more on this blog.
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x


  1. Awww I'm sorry! Hugs!

  2. sorry for your breakup, but everything happens for a reason. You will eventually find someone better :)

  3. That sucks :S
    Have you tried eating a LOT of chocolate? That always works for me when I'm feeling down. :))

    1. Yeah! Lots of chocolate and ice cream has been eaten :P x