Monday, 20 October 2014

Teenage Blogger Central Birthday Blog Party

Hello Guys! So in honour of it being TBC's 2nd birthday in the blogger world, I decided to take part in the Teenage Blogger Central Birthday Blog Party Tag as I am a registered member of the online community. Also I wanted to honour what it has done for me since I joined. So happy Birthday TBC!!!

{1} You are eligible for this tag if you are a registered member of Teenage Blogger Central.
{2} You should try to post this tag on the 20th October or as close as possible. It's never too late to participate, though!
{3} Add the Blog Party button at the start of your post.
{4} Answer the questions and link back to TBC
{5} Make sure you join the link-up so people can read your post!

Here's a link to the main post from TBC with all the rules and bits and pieces:

Okay, let's get into the questions....

{1} What made you decide to take up blogging and what inspires you to write till today?
I have a pretty awful reason for starting up blogging really. I had started back in 2013 but the blog didn't last very long and wasn't very successful. I was then off school for quite a long time from march 2014 with an exploded appendix and infection which made me very ill. As I was recovering from the serious stage of the illness, I wanted to do something that would keep me entertained and mean I could socialise with people from all over the world. I was also quite interested about youtubers such as MrBenBrown and Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter. They all have blogs and I wanted to give that side of the internet a go.
What inspires me to write is that I am really enjoying it. I get so many lovely comments and making so many connections with so many people all around the world. It's probably been one of the best decisions that I made this year and I don't think I will give this up for a while.

{2} How did you find and register on TBC? Did you find it helpful and worth recommending to others?
I registered on TBC after simply searching teen bloggers into google and that was the first thing that came up. It such a cool and interesting idea and decided to give it a try and see what it was like. TBC has to have some of the nicest bloggers registered ever. Every single person I have spoken to are the nicest people. I do find TBC very helpful because it has opened many doors for me from connecting with other bloggers, finding new blogs to read and even getting more people to read my blog. A hundred percent, I would recommend this to any teen blogger out there. Certainly worth it.

{3} What awesome blogs have you found through TBC? Link them up!
Okay, these are the blogs I can think of from the top of my head but there are probably so many more...
- The Fence of Stars
- SparklyKid
- Lemontierres
- SunDuckling

{4} What do you like best about when you connect with other bloggers your age?
One of the best things about connecting with other bloggers my age is that they all understand you and why you can't post certain days because of school work or that you might need help with thinking of blogpost ideas. They are probably all having the same issues and it's a really understanding community.

{5} What do you hope to achieve through your blog?
I want to connect with so many more people around the world and have people commenting about what they liked or want me to blog about. I want people to check my blog everyday and look forward to my posts because for me, that would one of the biggest honours ever. I know I'm probably such a long way off. I also would like to still be enjoying blogging in a couple years time and blogging every week. That would be amazing.

{6}How do you say 'Happy Birthday Teenage Blogger Central' in your language?
Well, this is going to be a bit boring as I'm english through and through...
Happy Birthday Teenage Blogger Central!!!

So, I hope you enjoyed this little post. Thank you so much to TBC for everything (especially F who runs it all!), you are amazing.
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x