Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My Reverse Bucket List!

Hi all! I'm being a bit creative today and presenting my reverse bucket list which is things I have completed and proud about completing. I hope you enjoy it!

{1} Travel to new places
Before I went to Secondary School, I hadn't really travelled anywhere abroad other than Belgium and France. I wanted to visit some new cultures and experience new countries because I hadn't experienced anything like that properly before. Since starting secondary school, I have visited so many new countries in Europe such as Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Iceland and Holland. They all have very cultures and have taught me many different things. In the Netherlands, I rekindled my love for cycling as an easy mode of transport because that's how I got everywhere. In Iceland, I discovered beautiful scenery that I am likely to remember and possibly refer back to for many years to come. Travelling is something that is still on my bucket list. I want to travel further away to more diverse cultures that are so different from what I've experienced before.

{2} Kayak over 20 miles in one day
Yes, I know! 20 miles is really nothing! I which this was more but at this point in time, things haven't worked out for me to do anymore. I am a marathon kayaker and so my aims are always to paddle further than before with quicker times and higher ranking if it is a race. There's something about having a challenge that keeps me going through each year of school and that's what I love about setting aims and completing them. This year my aim is too paddle 125 miles over four days and therefore, paddle 38 miles in one day.

{3} Pass all my GCSE's
I actually passed all my GCSE's this year and I was so happy when I found out because the amount of work I tried to put in while monitoring my health and missing school from March to my exams. It was such a surprise that all my results were passes. There were so many that I was expecting to fail or do badly in and it was such a relief to have achieved something that I had almost given up thinking about. It was a goal that I had really given up on and I was instead aiming to get through all the exams without ending back up in hospital.

So that's my reverse bucket list from the first 16 and a half years of life. I hope you enjoyed it and tell me what you think of this weird idea!

What have you achieved in your life that you are proud of or have ticked off your bucket list?
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x


  1. Gah, I've always wanted to go to Iceland! You should post pictures if you still have them! Travel is also on my bucket list, and most of my "reverse bucket list" achievements happened whilst far from home..
    Cool post idea :)

    1. I'll try and dig some out! Iceland is a really stunning country! That's quite similar to me! I'm not usually at home when I achieve something! Maybe should add an aim that could happen indoors :P thank you!
      Holly x