Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Life in 8 Pictures!

So I'm feeling all sentimental this evening and therefore thought I would share with you guys some mermories in pictures that helped make me, me. This might possibly be my last blog post before Blogust starts (ahh exciting) so let's get started with these embarrassing but memorable images.

Once an angel, Forever an angel ;)

Sibling Love

Always take care of those around you especially the Teddy Bear

Talk about Poser

My Irish Dancing faze where I came last every time

(Girl in pink jumper)

The happiness of finishing a 23 mile race + 6 mile run

The last race I finished (look at the joy on Helens face :P)

So I hope you enjoyed that little spread of photos that I feel has made me, me. Do you have any memories you cherish? Which photo is your favourite? Let me know what they are in the comments.
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x


  1. Such cute pictures - especially the first one!
    X Sjoukje from