Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Scary Future...

This year I turned sixteen and several things in my life have either clicked in my life or made me think about my life and how important it really is. I've struggled in the past with different issues especially as Secondary School evolved. People I thought I trusted had turned on me and left my side when I believed they would always be there. These past issues have made the last couple of months extremely hard for me on top of becoming seriously ill for over a month. All these problems have made me think how fortunate I am for my life the way it is now. I have some extremely brilliant friends and a excellent family who will always support me and check up on me. I couldn't be more grateful I am for these wonderful people.

Thinking about my life, I've come to realize how scarily close the future is with about six years left in the studying world. This therefore means that there is only six years left until adult life begins. Adult life involves several things such as bill paying, taxes and commitments and I'm not sure whether I'm ready for it to take its course to lead me in that direction.
However, there are exciting things about the future being so soon. The most important thing would have to be no more education. Although good for the old brain and intelligence, it is incredibly tiresome and mentally challenging. No more hard algebra or long essays on some book you read last year. Another exciting prospect for the future would be settling down and becoming a real adult. It may seem a little scary but I can imagine it being incredibly joyful with little you's running about on their little legs.
The future also means an option to train and study for something you enjoy for a future job. For me, that will be teaching. My aim in life is to become a teacher and to earn that job would probably make me so happy even though I would be exhausted every evening.
So with the future so fast approaching, I think its about time I start thinking about those scary adult things as well as what I want to do to make me happy. I need to start focusing on what really matters for the future and how to fufill these to make my life a better thing to experience. Whether thats endless travelling or spending more time with those I hold dear to my heart. What makes me happy should be my highest priorty for the future.
What do you think will be most important in your future life? How would you like to live your life? Let me know in the comments.

Holly x

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