Sunday, 27 July 2014

Writing Process Tag

I got tagged by the lovely Jenna from Sparkly Kid to complete the Writing Process Tag which she also completed. Here's her blog post link if anyone fancies a read: Go give her a follow because she is awesome!

Anyway, Jenna tagged me in the Writing Process Tag. I'm not a big fiction writer and only do it as a hobby or when I have an idea. I have two little books floating about on the internet. One is fan fiction. One is a spin off of another book. The most of the writing I do is for this blog which is the most fun to me.

{1} What are you currently working on?
I don't really have anything currently under works but I did start a spin off book a couple of months ago which I haven't got round to completing/ adding more chapters. If I have the desire to write, I may come up with an idea but it may not end up being completed or even published into the world wide web. If I come up with a good idea, I will usually try and get on with it and attempt to write something but most of the time I am hit with writers block. It has to be something special for me to continue writing it.
This is almost the same with blogging. I have to an idea and if I don't, it is extremely frustrating because I always want to have something to blog about. However, if I have to hunt for a idea, I tend to end up ranting and rambling about things that don't matter and the post doesn't end up being published. Currently on my blog, I'm working on a list of my favourite books ever which I'm still not sure I will end up publishing and I'm starting to think about my Blogust series that is coming up which I am extremely excited about.

{2} How does your work differ from other of its genre?
I don't usually stick to a particular genre but whatever I'm writing, I have to always include twists towards the ends of chapters to keep readers hooked. Other than that, I can be very typical to a genre I'm writing about boringly.
In my blog, I tend to mix things up a bit with drops of different things. My main blog is based around lifestyle but I have been known to post things that would typically be under the beauty tag (This or that tag) or creative and how-to (How to: Make Chocolate Marshmallow Crispy Cakes!). I tend to have a mix of everything.

{3}Why do you write what you do?
My writing tends to always come from ideas from either what I've read, seen or experienced. I have to have an idea to write and I have to have a desire. If my idea isn't good or I can't think of a way to write it, it won't happen. I also have to have a passion and belief in what I'm writing also. I can't just sit down and write because it will never happen.
With my blog, it has to be something interesting to me and something that I feel I would read myself. If not, I don't feel any point in posting or even writing it. I feel if I would want to read it, so would people who like my blog.

{4} How does your writing process work?
Simply about ideas, passion and desire. I need to have a base in which I can build on. Something that always works well is a ending which I can build up to instead of a beginning to start off with and build on. I never plan my writing, its always just happens on paper and evolves through my writing.
When it comes to writing on my blog, I tend to have a desire or need to post depending on how long I have not and then I would try to think of something worth blogging. Whether this would be through something I've experienced or something I've seen other bloggers doing. I will then write whatever it is in my style and read through it a few times and then post.

{5} Tag three people to complete this post.
-Sjoukje of lemontierres
-F of The Fence of Stars
-Alexia of sunduckling

Holly x


  1. Thanks very much for the tag! I love your answers to these questions, btw, they have inspired me to do some more writing myself :)

    1. Aww I'm glad! I'm looking forward to seeing your response!
      Holly x

  2. Thanks for the tag! I sometimes write some fiction stories but I prefer blogging. I love your answers! My answers to the questions (I'm just going to answer them here - scheduling posts for when I'm on vacation so otherwise it'd appear on the 8th of august or something)
    What are you currently working on?
    I'm currently typing a blogpost about 'How To Be A Vegetarian', it'll be up soon!
    How does your work differ from its genre?
    I don't think my blog fits in one specific category - I like lifestyle posts, beauty posts and fashion posts, not just one. I think that makes my blog different!
    Why do you write what you do?
    I am interested in what I write about and I believe it won't get boring this way!
    How does your writing process work?
    I always jot down my ideas in a small notebook I like carrying around and once I have the time I take photographs and I start writing the posts.

    I am sorry about my kind of quick & short answers but I'm a bit busy! I wanted to answer them anyway! x

    1. Thats fine! I look forward to reading that fully blog!

      Holly x