Sunday, 10 August 2014

Blogust #10: Another Rainy Day, Packing to go home and Evening Out

Helllooooooo! So guess what? Today has been yet another rainy, stormy day in Belgium meaning original plans had to, yet again, change. We were unable to take an opportunity to visit places on our last day but it was the perfect chance to take more rainy photos for you all to enjoy.
Sadly, where we are isn't exactly colourful like main town De Haan but it still makes some cool rainy photos.

As today is our last day officially in Belgium, this has meant that packing has had to be done ready for the early leave tomorrow. There's something about packing up when you are about to go home. It becomes a very solemn occasion whether you enjoyed the place you have stayed in or not. Packing up is the worst chore involved in travelling.

I also took this rainy day as an opportunity to start blog post planning especially for my up and coming Liebster Award post. I have now have three nominations that I have to write about (11 questions per person). I'm not complaining. I'm still completely surprised I was even nominated once for something so popular on blogs that are up and coming. This whole blogging thing is becoming a bit of a whirlwind at the moment and I can't believe it.
The Liebster Award post should be up either Tuesday Evening or Wednesday Afternoon so keep your eyes pealed for that.

Later this evening, my family and I went on a little bowling trip (tradition for last night in Sun Parks). With three boys involved in the game, things became a bit competitive. Any how, it was a fun time out really even though I tend to never win these things. Maybe next time (in my dreams ;)).

Following the Bowling Expedition, we went down to the on-site Italian for dinner. It took a while to get food and drinks and even a table but the food was decent so that's all that matters.

Tomorrow, we are leaving site and travelling home and probably won't be back until late so the blog post may be late or the next day but I will post it! Promise :)
Anyway, its getting a bit dark and late here so I'm gunna sign off so I can get back to the villa, shower, do a bit more packing and sleep. I'll hopefully talk to you all tomorrow! Tell me what you've been up too today!
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x

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