Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Blogust #26: Catching up on work

Heyya guys! So today has been rather uninteresting again. It's getting to the point in the month where nothing exciting is happening because my priority is getting ready for school to start. Obviously the start of this month was rather exciting because I was here, there, everywhere on my travels but because I opted out of Scotland because of my operation, little is happening at the end. I do apologise for that but I'm kinda hoping my weird personality is showing through and semi keeping you guys entertained! 

Last night, I finished the great gatsby which mean I can finally crack on and highlight and annotate quotes. ( really good book towards the end, don't give up)
I've also had to continue my psychology note taking which appears to be taking forever for such a small, skinny book. At least the stuff inside is interesting enough for me to not get bored quickly. 

(Checky snapchat story screenshot thing)

Anyway, tomorrow me, a friend and my family are heading into town to do a college/school shopping trip so hopefully I'll have some photos and interesting stories to tell you guys! Stay tuned for that ;). All the stationary and stuff I buy for college and the boarding house i will be writing up a post about to publish next week.
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x 

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