Monday, 18 August 2014

Blogust #18: Afternoon tea, dinner out and useless photographer!

Hello everyone! Welcome to another blogust post in the lovely month of August! Today has been quite good health wise! I've been up all day (yay!) and pottering about even though my hip is still playing up! (I feel like a old granny typing that haha!) 
We had a couple of friends around for afternoon tea and a bit of a catch-up. The daughter, Molly, recently spent a month(!!!) away in Tanzania helping out and safaring. She raised all the money herself (£3,600 worth) so that she could go and she seemed to have really cool time! 
Later that evening, we went out for dinner at another friends house where we spent hours at the dinner table nattering away and it was brilliant. Great to be out about for a change.
I also feel really lame writing up this blog post today as I took no photos what so ever even though I did a lot! I literally only just realized that I hadn't as I'm about to write this. For some reason, blogust is towards the back of my mind at the moment and I keep trying to push it forwards so I do create more exciting things and post cool pictures again. I feel terrible because these posts are becoming so half decent and I really want them to be good! I promise you I will sort it out!
Anyway, it's ticking on so goodnight one and all!
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x

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