Friday, 29 August 2014

Blogust #28: Visiting family friends and trip into Oxford

Heyya guys! Sorry for another late one but we got back rather late last night and I was completely knackered. Anyway, onto the blogpost.

The day started at a decent time with a trip off into Oxfordshire to see some family friends who had recently moved house. We've been friends with them for a long time (probably since we were tiny) and used to holiday together and see each other regularly.
It was nice to see them again after so long and chill out really.

After lunch, we went on a exploration of the area before quickly catching a bus to take us into Oxford. There we wandered about, shopped a little bit and then stopped to grab a ice cream/sorbet and a drink in a cute little cafe on a street corner. I can't quite remember what it's called but it's away from all the main shops by a street or so.

There's only three blogust posts left now guys! I'm getting emotional! 
Anyway, talk later. Love you!
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x


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