Monday, 4 August 2014

Blogust #4: lazy day, swimming and packing!

So today's the last day in Holland and therefore little has happened. We lazed around all morning, went swimming early afternoon and lazed around the rest of the day.
It was the first proper day where we didn't need to do anything except walk the dog and therefore it was pretty chilled but sadly, this post will be very short in terms of blogust. I apologise for that. Anyway, here's some photos from today...

So because I have very little to talk about to do with my day, I will do a little list thing on the things I have done during my time here in Holland except the dog walks and the meal ratings and the random walks. Only the exciting things. Okay, I'm rambling now so I better start listing...
~beach trampolines (trampolines that are built into the ground and are literally on the beach)
~glow in the dark crazy golf (crazy experience even though I cloaked up about 70 points)
~aquarium exploring (I can't remember the place but most aquariums are similar)
~Anne frank museum tour 
Now I've list everything, it doesn't seem like much but I really felt I was busy most hours of the day. 
So I hope you enjoyed my little selection of daily blog posts in Holland. Tomorrow will be the journey to belguim and getting settled into the de haan sun parks. 
Therefore, I shall see you tomorrow where it will be belguim from here on in.
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x

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