Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Liebster Award!

Heyya! So a while ago I was nominated three times by three fabulous bloggers to do the Liebster Award. I know this has been a bit long awaited this post especially as the aim was to get this up on Wednesday but with my operation being earlier than I expected, I had less time waiting around on a bed as I was expecting and more time laying in a bed in pain.
The three lovely bloggers who nominated me are Sabina, Simran from Innocence_Is_Bliss and Katie from Just Katie Lou. Go check them all out as they are lovely, friendly and brilliant bloggers.
The Liebster Award is a tag post in which bloggers under 200 followers answer 11 questions, tag other bloggers under 200 followers and write up their own 11 questions for them to answer.

The post rules are:
~Answer all the questions that are given to you
~Link back to the bloggers that nominate you
~Nominate other bloggers
~Provide nominees with 11 questions
~You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
~You must inform nominees of your nomination

Okay, lets get started with the questions...

~Sabina's questions~
{1} What is your go-to outfit for a casual day?
Probably a pair of jeans, a cami top and a cardigan or a pair of leggings/jeans and a hoodie.
{2} How tall are you?
I don't actually know....
{3} What is your favourite colour?
I think it's green but it does easily change.
{4} Do you have any pets? If not, what pet?
I have two rabbits called Angel and Pepsi. I rehomed them from a rescue shelter over five years ago and they are as grumpy as anything but they are so funny. I also really want a dog. I look after dogs quite often and really enjoy having them in our home.
{5} What do you see looking out of your window right now?
Trees and sky and sunlight.
{6} Which movie could you watch over and over again and never get bored of?
All the Harry Potter films basically.
{7} What is your guilt pleasure?
One Direction, Chocolate and Cheese.
{8} How old were you when you first managed to reach the light switch?
I'm not quite sure but I've always been quite short in comparison to other people my age so probably something like seven.
{9} What is the best prank you have ever pulled off?
I don't tend to prank people. That's not really my thing but when I have attempted it, it's never actually worked.
{10} Would you rather have a room that is impossible to tidy or one that is perfect but has a smell that never goes away?
Depends what the smell was :P
{11} What is your number 1 on your wish list right now?
To complete the Devizes to Westminster Canoe race next Easter.

~Simran's Questions~
{1} What is your most embarrassing moment you've ever had?
I have had quite a few. I literally can't remember them all. It's probably something period related or me falling over somewhere.
{2} Where is your most favourite place to be?
At home when I'm chilled and relaxed. That is the best place to be.
{3} What do you love about blogging?
Theres always people to talk to and chat to. It's the perfect place to express yourself and there is always people who like whatever you post. Also its a brilliant place to form new friendships.
{4} Who is your celebrity crush?
Niall Horan. That is all I have to say.
{5} Who do you admire the most?
My mum and Lea Michelle because of everything she has been through.
{6} What is your dream?
To live a happier, comfortable, stress free life where everything is rosy (doubt this will happen but its worth a try) :P
{7} What has life taught you?
To never give up on anything because if you really want it, it will happen at some point.
{8} Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Hopefully finishing my degree and starting a teaching PGCE.
{9} Can you keep a secret?
Depends on what kind of secret it is really.
{10} What is your personal style?
I don't really have a particular style but it's usually pretty chilled and comfortable clothing.
{11} If you could be anything in the world, what would it be?
Something really cool in the film industry like a film producer or something.

~Katie's Questions~
{1} What got you into/ why did you start blogging?
I just wanted to start something new which didn't involve studying or exams. It also seemed a cool way to meet new people from all around the world. I started a blog last year but it didn't last very long. This one is lasting longer and this time I actually have people to interact with.
{2} Who inspires you to follow your dreams?
Anyone who has ever succeeded and are living their dreams.
{3} How would you describe your style or 'fashion sense'?
Like before, chilled and comfortable with lots of scarfs.
{4} What is your favourite book?
I have read so many good books, I think it's impossible to simply say my favourite book.
{5} What is your biggest fear?
Being alone forever or death by drowning.
{6} Do you prefer formal fashion or everyday fashion?
Everyday fashion is so much more comfortable and easier to wear but formal fashion always makes you feel special.
{7} What is your one beauty product you have tried, loved and would recommend?
Garnier Body Intensive 7 days ultra-replenishing Lotion
{8} What would you love or want to try in the future?
I'm not really sure but as a casual thing, I want to try to get into lipstick and buy some different shades.
{9} What item would you say best represents you and why?
A Holly leaf- spiky but smooth.
{10} Do you prefer spring/summer or autumn/ winter?
There are so many positibes and negatives to each but I usually choose spring/summer because its warm enough and there is a long holiday for a big part of it.
{11} Where is your favourite place to shop?
New Look.

I nominate...
~Alexis from SunDuckling
~Phoebe from Phoebe's Reviews, Rants and General Talk
~Emma from EmmaViews

~My Questions~
{1} What's the number one place you want to go in the future?
{2} What's your favourite nail varnish shade?
{3} Who's the most inspirational person that you know of?
{4} If you could live any where in the world, where would it be?
{5} How do you prepare for blog posts?
{6} What is the most memorable holiday you've ever been on?
{7} Are you in education? If not, do you work?
{8} What's the best thing about running your blog?
{9} What's your number one beauty essential?
{10} How do you see yourself in 50 years time?
{11} What's your favourite social media site?

I hope you enjoyed this extra long blog post that took me over two hours to write up! Good luck to Alexis, Phoebe and Emma and I'll speak to you all later in my Blogust post in a couple of minutes!
See ya on the flipside,
Holly x

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