Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Blogust #20: Shopping Trip and not much else

Heyya! So it Wednesday 20th August which means a lot of things. Number one) only 11 days left to the Blogust series. Sad face. (However that does mean I can return to normal blogging posts which I'm excited for and already have planned out so extra bonus point). Number two) it's great British bake off day!!! Best day of the week! Whoop! 

Anyway, about my day. Nothing much happened. End of post....
Nah I'm joking! 
Today I spent the whole day lounging in sweatpants watching tv, fiddling on the old faithful laptop and being plain old lazy. It's getting towards the start of the school year so I'm starting to get stressed about work and college work etc. Also I have an added pressure of running my dad's school canoe squad behind the scenes (incidentally I'm on it) and organising it so that involves a bit of stress when it comes to organising sign up and getting things ready for the start of training. Today, that is what I have been doing (interesting I know).
However, I did end up getting abit excited by the prospect of a FOOD shopping trip with the lovely mumma. It may have only been a small trip but we got all the essentials for this evening which included cheese and ben and jerrys and fruit pots and chocolate and humorous and sweets . Food just excites me really so here's some photos of food (sorry, not sorry)....

 As I mentioned abovey, today is a Wednesday meaning great British bakeoff day. For those who may not know what that is, it's a tv programme here in good old blighty where people compete in baking challenges to be named top baker. It's completed over a series and us British love it.
So my whole family sat down at eight this evenin armed with ben and jerrys tubs and spoons, to watch bakeoff and we had great fun. End of story.
(Once again, so exciting) 

Anyway, tomorrow is a dreaded day for me as it is results day. Ewwww. This means I'll be getting my results from my GCSEs so keep your fingers crossed guys! I might share them with you tomorrow, I don't know. But for now it is nighttime so good night my friends!
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x

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