Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Blogust #5: Travelling to Belguim, sad goodbyes and Family Time!

Hello everyone! So today has been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster for me really. Early this morning, I left Holland to travel to Belgium to meet my family who are staying at a Sun Parks resort. My boyfriends mum was absolutely brilliant and drove me the whole three hour journey with my Boyfriend in the car! I couldn't be more grateful! 
Anyway, leaving Holland was tough. I have really fallen in love with the country during my two visits this year and Belgium feels a lot busier and less chilled. I like the chilled environment of Holland. I feel like I don't have to rush around there to get to places which is fantastic.
Not going to lie, I love Belgium too but its not in the same way. 

When I met up with my family, we spent a couple of hours chatting and eating a fab BBQ that my dad cooked for us. It was nice to have a catch up with my family after five days but when my Boyfriend had to leave, I found it rather tough. I never thought spending five days constantly with him would make me miss him this much but I feel lost without him by my side.

The wifi in this resort is only in the main social building and it's rather slow so I've been struggling to check things over all day and writing up this blog post. I spent about an hour sat in the bar area trying to work the wifi but I have had to find another way to get my internet to work. 

Me and my family went swimming in the resort later in the day. I haven't been into the swimming pool for quite a few years as we stopped going on an annual basis a few years ago. A lot has changed including tiling and they have even sent up a new slide but there is still a lot of things that are the same. It's a bit like a trip down memory lane for me here. I have a lot of childhood memories surrounding this place. 

We spent a good two hours in the swimming pool going down slides, whizzing around the lazy river and exploring the pool. It was nice to spend some quality time with my siblings again and just mess about.

Any way, it's been quite a busy day so I think I'll sign off for today but I'll talk to you tomorrow!
See ya on the flipside,
Holly x

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