Thursday, 7 August 2014

Blogust #7: Bike Expeditions, Chilling at the Beach and Buffet Dinner

Hello everyone! Good News! Today has been a good one for me! I've managed to stay rather positive which is a good thing!
Anyway, today was a bit of an adventure. Within a couple of hours of me waking up, the whole family was out on their bikes, cycling towards the beach for a chilled couple of hours.

I haven't ridden a bike in a long time before this week because the urge isn't there at home. Belgium and Holland are a lot more cycle friendly than England and therefore, it's easier and safer to cycle places. This generates an urge for me to do it. I tend to fret a lot and can get very anxious so if it's a safe environment to cycle in, I'm all for it. I was even thinking of getting a proper bike in green and white with a basket on the front and floral bike bags strapped to the back. I could then get away with cycling to more places and enjoying a bit more freedom which I'm always craving. 

When we reached the beach, we spent a good hour or so sat on the golden sand, enjoying a bit of family time and, for me, carrying out a logic puzzle which at the moment I'm addicted too. I seem to be the only people in my family who are able to complete them and therefore, I can spend hours completing them all and no-one will mind. 

Towards the end of our beach stay, we went and sat in a little beach side café and drank some brilliant milkshakes which sadly didn't last long. There's something about Belgium and good milkshakes. If a café or restaurant serve them, they tend to brilliant. Maybe it's just where I have been. 

Soon after returning from the beach, we, once again, visited the main pool on our resort. Thankfully it wasn't like yesterday (too crowded) so I could spend more than five minutes in the water. The outside pool is always the best place to be in the sunshine because it's usually warmer than the inside pool and quieter. 

In our resort, they also run an all-you-can-eat buffet for about 23 euros per person. There's something about having loads of food in front of you because I ate a LOT. Sadly, it's probably not good for my waist-line but at least I won't be snacking later tonight. The range of food was incredible. Some options of show was mussels, steak and pizza. I don't think I've ever had such a urge to cram so much on my plate(s). 

I've just released my day at the beach without sun cream was not the best idea because my ankles, arms, face and back now look a bit red. Hopefully, it will ease into a gentle tan rather than horrible pealy. Hayho, what can you do. 

I'm gunna sign off now for night. This has been a new record for me in Blogust posts length so I hope you enjoyed it.
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x

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