Saturday, 23 August 2014

Blogust #23: Failed Shopping Trip

Hey guys! So today's been a bit of a miserable, tiring day really. As I'm going to college and the uniform is suits and stuff, I've had to attempt to buy lots of smart stuff.
Issue is I'm short and a bit skinny.
In other words, things either look too big or make me look too short. Help. 
I went shopping today to try and solve this problem. I went to a big marks and Spencer's and found only a blouse that looked nice. Skirts could have probably fit another person in. Trousers made me look like a dwarf. A actual nightmare...

It's starting to stress me out how unprepared I am for the start of the year. I have zero suitable bottoms but plenty of suitable tops. I'm not a skinny Minnie and can fit even in size tens sometimes but somehow a size eight was too big for me in marks and there was no size sixs.
Okay, stop ranting. Here's a picture of a hot chocolate....

Anyway, good night my friends!
See ya on the flip side,
Holly x

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